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Producer and label boss “CID” is one of the biggest DJs to come out of New York in recent history, so it’s no surprise that he’s been booked to play New York’s biggest festival, Electric Zoo. Known for its incredible stage designs, awesome lineups, and consistent performance, is back again this year for its “3.0” version. 

Leading up to the show, we got to sit down with CID, to talk shop, and his upcoming excitement for the show.

Run The Trap: You are a New York native, playing the biggest festival based in New York. What does that mean to you?

CID: Ezoo was the first festival I went to as a fan. There is one vivid memory I have of Kaskade DJing, and I have a picture with him in the background, and now its crazy to be like, “I worked with that guy.” It’s a pretty full circle moment for me.

New York is a pretty fun place to come through, do you ever have an experience where you find yourself hanging out with your idols? 

Well it’s funny, there is this one promoter in New York that always reminds me…”Before you were big, you’d always come to dinner with the big DJs and I’d end up paying for your dinner, and now I’m booking you and other people are tagging along your dinners. 

New York is known for the underground scene, how does festival interplay with the underground New York has to offer?

I mean they’ve done a good job of curating underground artists for as long as I can remember. They used to have a school bus that was the stage for everything that was underground. They do a great job of curating the underground because its such a big fanbase that would go to the festival. 

You have tons of artists flying all over, as someone who is from New York, what’s it like when the whole community is there for a weekend and you’re the one showing them the city. 

It’s amazing. It’s cool to be in a position where I’m like “Here is a restaurant I want to take you to, you’re gonna love.” Being able to say that in a place that is as big as New York is super fun. It’s fun to watch all these people come and enjoy New York, but I get to make it feel like a smaller place than it is.

Who is the artist youre most excited to see on the lineup this year.

I’m gonna have to go with Carl Cox


INTERVIEW: CID Has Conquered New York City, What’s Next?