PRYZMS – Underground Sound

Atlanta-based PRYZMS has been steadily climbing the ranks of the trap and bass scene. The talented producer has been building his arsenal for nearly half a decade and proceeds to get better with every release. Last year he made his debut on our label with the scorching trap anthem ‘BACK2THA’ off our Champions Of The Underground Vol. 1 compilation. Today he returns with his first standalone single on the label, the aptly titled ‘Underground Sound.’

Drawing inspiration from the underground sonically and stylistically, this is a bass-heavy banger that’s primed for renegade raves in abandoned basements, sewers, and underpasses. The slow-burning intro is eerie and unsettling. Icy keys drift over ominous soundscapes for a haunting allure. PRYZMS injects a fervent electricity that pulses throughout. War-ready rap vocals are spliced through while devastating low end destroys any and everything in its path. Militant percussion, murky sound design, and absolutely murderous bounce collide for a sound that’s not to be fucked with. PRYZMS isn’t playing with this, he’s here to take over, and ‘Underground Sound’ is the soundtrack to the revolution. 

I think the main thing was just how eerie it sounds, as if you were underground, in the sewers or something. Also sounds like something you would hear being played at an underground show. There’s really no limit to what kind of music I make. – PRYZMS

Stream PRYZMS’s ‘Underground Sound’ everywhere and be sure to grab the free download.