Guest Mix + Interview – Don Jamal

Born in the Middle East and based in Colorado, Don Jamal has been steadily making his name known in the bass scene.  While he started producing in 2019, the artist has seen exponential growth in the past year. With impressive releases on Bassrush, Space Yacht, Deep Dark and Dangerous, Don’t Die At Work, Presently Lifted, and other notable labels, it should come as no surprise that Don Jamal is an artist who needs to be on your watch list. From 140 to experimental bass, DnB and beyond, Don Jamal can adapt to a wide array of genres without losing the dark and heavy-hitting core that ties his releases together. 2024 is set to be another breakout year so we thought it was perfect time to showcase Don Jamal with a guest mix + interview.

The mix moves between styles with a bunch of his own originals and flips, IDs from the producer plus LYNY x Asau, Daggz x Chef Boyarbeatz, and Low Poly, and much more. Our interview includes growing up in the Middle East, moving to the US, what he enjoys outside of music, his biggest inspirations at the moment, and more. Check out both below.

Tell us about the mix. What can listeners expect when they press play?

They can expect a variety of genres, I rarely stick to one genre, whether I’m playing a show or releasing tunes, you never know what to expect 😉

What was it like growing up in Jordan? What impact has it had on your music?

So I actually grew up in Saudi Arabia because that’s where my father works and where I was born, however my nationality is Jordanian. To answer your second question, I was that one “weird kid” in school who listened to electronic music haha, in all seriousness though, I grew up in the trap nation / UKF era and that’s all I would listen to. It was hard to thrive until I moved to the US for school though.

How long have you been in Colorado? What brought you there?

I moved to Colorado for school (Sko Buffs) in 2020 right as Covid hit. I initially did not expect Colorado’s music scene to be as thriving as it is and I am really glad I chose to move here.

I have a lot in store for 2024, including: big collabs, EPs, and hopefully my festival debut!

What do you have planned for 2024?

I have a lot in store for 2024, including: big collabs, EPs, and hopefully my festival debut!
Talent Buyers out there if you see this, you can contact me through [email protected] <3>

In November you tweeted: “Working on an app to destroy Spotify and save artists.” Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Can’t say much, but stay tuned!

What’s one thing that you wish fans knew about you that most probably don’t?

I started producing in 2019.

How do you spend your time when you’re not making music?

Other than work/studies, I play a lot of soccer and try to stay in shape. When I’m not exercising I occasionally play Call of Duty and Fifa.

You’ve been riding a wave of success lately. What do you view as your biggest accomplishment to date?

I have had a lot of small goals reached, such as a label release with Deep Dark and Dangerous and having a lot of my favorite artists play out my songs at sold-out venues like Red Rocks. If I had to pick one, it would be playing direct support for Sicaria at Sound Nightclub!

What’s the last piece of art that truly amazed you?

VCTRE’s album by a longshot, it is a masterpiece.

What artists excite and inspire you the most at the moment?

I would say Barclay Crenshaw and Machinedrum. I aim to be as holistic and genre-fluid as them. I really don’t like just sticking to one genre, good music is good music <3>

Love each other, this world is at a really difficult position and we must be there for each other…

Any final words for fans?

Love each other, this world is at a really difficult position and we must be there for each other, be open-minded, don’t stop grinding, life is too short to worry or hate.

Don Jamal FUXWITHIT Guest Mix Tracklist

RENEGADE MASTER (efan bootleg)
Sammy Virji – Reverence
Don Jamal – ID
Losing Control (Neumonic x Don Jamal Flip)
Criso – ID x Donny Don Vocal edit
Ternion Sounds – Bargain Bins (Black Box VIP) x Criso – ID
Mirror Maze, Abelation, Vide – ID
Don Jamal – Sorye Ge Ton (out on Wubaholics)
Don Jamal – UP! (out on Bassrush)
Skepta – That’s Not Me (Don Jamal Flip out on Wang Records)
Klinical – Chaos
Daggz x Chef Boyarbeatz – ID
Klinical – Ventolin
Don Jamal – ID
Inappropriate – Don Jamal & BoynotHome
Push It – Creeds (Don Jamal Flip) X Torcha Request Line Edit
Low Poly – ID
Levity – Flip It ( Justin Jay x Don Jamal flip)
Lyny x Asau – ID
Don Jamal – ID