LISTEN: Volaris Unveils “Close To You” via New Label Venture HORIZN

In a bold entrance into the new year, breakout sensation Volaris is captivates audiences with his melodic masterpiece, “Close To You.” This track marks the inaugural release on his freshly established label, HORIZN, and is out now on all major platforms.

Clocking in just under six minutes, “Close To You” takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through Volaris’ distinctive fusion of scintillating synths and raw energy. The single serves as a testament to his evolving signature style, and fully cements his status as one to watch in 2024.

HORIZN itself represents a paradigm shift in Volaris’ career, marking a collaboration between the artist and industry powerhouse The Circuit Group. The label goes beyond conventional boundaries, aiming to redefine the melodic house and techno experience. With a roster boasting names like deadmau5, Chris Lake, and FISHER, HORIZN is not just a label; it’s a sonic realm where artistic freedom reigns supreme.

Beyond the music, Volaris shares a personal connection with his art and audience. The artist’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary, marked by distinctive music projects, a battle with cancer, and the embrace of fatherhood. Now, with HORIZN, Volaris aims to give back. The release of “Close To You” is accompanied by the announcement of a special live stream event in February, serving as a fundraiser for Addenbrooke’s Hospital, a medical institution that played a crucial role in Volaris’ personal battle.

As Volaris steps into this new chapter, listeners are invited to join him on a sonic odyssey, where boundaries are shattered, connections are forged, and the essence of melodic house and techno is redefined.

Listen to “Close To You” wherever you find your music here, or below on Spotify.

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LISTEN: Volaris Unveils “Close To You” via New Label Venture HORIZN