GRiZ Releases "Your Light" From Impending "Chasing The Golden Hour 4"

What a double whammy. We not only got a brand new GRiZ track, but we also have the official announcement of Chasing The Golden Hour 4.

For the uninitiated, GRiZ’s Chasing The Golden Hour series is much more akin to beats than bangers. Slower, more melodic, instrumental, sample-based tunes that show the lighter side of GRiZ.

“Your Light” is the first official release from the upcoming 4th edition of Chasing The Golden Hour and I know there are only a few guarantees in life – but one of them is Chasing The Golden Hour tunes always hit exactly how you need them to. They’re made to extract happiness and “Your Light” is no different.

GRiZ – Your Light | Stream


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[Photo Courtesy of GRiZ Facebook]

GRiZ Releases “Your Light” From Impending “Chasing The Golden Hour 4”