Bill & Murray Addresses The Issue Of Identity Crisis In Recent Track “Rolling Stone”

Talented songwriters David Blau and Stella Gotshtein of Bill & Murray recently shared a new single titled “Rolling Stone.” The song talks about not understanding one’s own self and being lost in a cloud of insecurities and doubts. 

The Tel-Aviv duo explains that “Rolling Stone” derived from the feeling of having an identity crisis and it came about at a period of confusion and uncertainty, “The song is about finding it hard to find a center of gravity, a way to self-define yourself, to truly care about something and know who you are and what you stand for. When you feel like you could or should be somebody else every day.”

With “Rolling Stone,” Bill & Murray plan to take a slightly different direction from their previous sound, “…we’re taking a step away from the 80’s synth-pop scene on this single. We love the 80’s pop vibe but both of us released music in a wide range of genres and are far from sticking strictly to the 80’s synth-pop scene.” The two experiment with different styles by incorporating various instruments like drum machines, guitars, banjos, and pianos into the arrangements.

Influenced by acclaimed English Rock bands like The Cure, The Stone Roses, and Joy Division, the duo admit that the most important thing in the whole creation process is to actually enjoy the work and love every aspect of it from writing songs to recording, producing, and performing.