Focus Five: Volume 70

Your favourite music discovery feature is back! For our 70th installment of Focus Five we’re highlighting a Brazillian multi-genre producer, some ratchet trap, a dealer of dancefloor rhythms, a calm and soothing creator, and a UK producer mixing UKG and breaks with influence from RnB, hip-hop, and beyond. Your new obsession may just be waiting below. Dive in.


My journey of discovery of the wide, wild, world of Brazillian underground bass music continues and this month we knock at Crosstalk’s door. Fresh off a premium collaborative EP with Chediak, where the two fuse baile funk influences with UK bass, the São Paulo-born producer is also a fine bootleg businessman who has no problem jumping from a drum&bass remix to a techno edit. In short, a true champion of the underground who embodies everything we at FUXWITHIT look for from a producer. Highlights in his discography include the enigmatic EP CT-1 and a bombshell collaboration with the ubiquitous HOLLY. For a taste of Crosstalk’s future discography instead, you need to listen to his recent mix for Representz Radio, recorded live in London. A 100% original mix, crammed-full with unreleased that leaves no doubt as to why you should become familiar with Crosstalk right now.


Gehena Focus Five

It’s been a while since I’ve heard the term “ratchet” thrown around to describe someone’s music, but for Gehena, I think it’s a fitting adjective. This Solvenian-based producer has been steadily releasing tunes for at least the last seven years while still flying below the radar for many. This man has a truly innate understanding of how to best incorporate bounce in a track; I’m talking “throw that ass in a circle” music. With a discography full of old-school trap sound design, underappreciated tempos, and the kind of off-grid nonsense that makes DJ software cry out in confusion, Gehena is poised to become one of the torch-bearing pioneers of the genre. Recent tracks have been featured on The Log Cabin and more creativity along with several self-releases. If for some reason you feel you need that ratchet energy in your life (I won’t ask why), look no further than Gehena.
– BG


If you’re looking for a fresh dose of dancefloor rhythms,  Ghoulish has you covered. Boasting a discography that spans different types of garage, bass house, and breaks, the Manchester-based artist embodies the essence of British rave music. Recently landing on my radar with his Weekends Goodwill EP, the artist impressed with his ability to create catchy cuts that perfectly balance groove and energy. A personal favourite from the collection is ‘(Bby) Like That,’ a 5-minute piece that isn’t too complex in its ideas but the melodies, textures, and rhythms make it easy on the ears and will surely get you moving. Another track from the project, ‘Comedown Chorus,’ even got blessed with a remix from Skream himself, so it’s evident people are taking note of Ghoulish’s talents. While the aforementioned project is on the more gentle side, the producer can also execute on heavier pieces as well, as heard in the more chaos-driven ‘On Sight.’ Don’t sleep on Ghoulish.


The calm and soothing billows of emotion running through the works of MANY MILES are nothing short of jaw-dropping. His heart-wrenching and poetic techniques through production make him a true and powerful force. Reminding you of memories you thought were lost or forgotten through each of his tunes. Filling your aura with glee and inspiration to the highest degree. Making you think about the past, present, and future with a little more confidence and comfort. Consisting of cinematic atmospheres and gentle drum patterns, to perfectly placed vocal samples accompanied by melodies to melt your spirits, his take on the future garage genre is simply outstanding. You’ll be eager to hear what’s next as you take a wonderful journey through his discography. Each piece holds the same amount of passion and perseverance while creating a different setting in your mind.

From a gorgeous collaboration with Wandr called ‘PLEASE COME HOME,’ to his newest chapter, ‘I CAN’T HIDE,’ you’ll be left with a heavier yet fuller spirit as it wraps you in a soft blanket of comfort and affirmation. Telling you it’s ok and to keep on going no matter what. Every second of these tracks will leave you speechless due to their intoxicating nature and strive. Leaving you wanting more and more. There’s so many incredible details throughout each arrangement. Easily making him a strong and everlasting spirit in the music realm. You won’t want these adventures to ever end. Yet sadly all things must come to an end. But that’s what the replay button is for. We’re stoked to hear and see what’s next for him so make sure to keep a close eye. We have the utmost faith in his abilities and capabilities!
– JD


I am officially on a “UK Ting.” From grime, to DnB, 140, UKG, and breaks, it seems everything I am listening to as of late is either coming out of the UK or is inspired by the sounds they have created or mastered. With that in mind, it’s only fitting that my selection for this month is a London-based producer. Satellite landed on my radar just a few hours ago but I was so impressed with his music, that he shot to the top of my list for Focus Five. Blending UKG and breaks with influence from RnB, hip-hop, and classic house makes for an intriguing signature that I can’t seem to get enough of. His most recent release “Lay Me Down” offers the perfect starting point, balancing hauntingly beautiful vocals with rumbling basslines, captivating soundscapes, and crisp-drum programming. If you’re in the mood for more moody UKG, “One More Time”is an atmospheric anthem that’s dripping with feels. If you’re feeling something a bit more upbeat and fun the shuffle-inducing flip of Drake’s ‘Sticky’ is a can’t miss.

Written by Alessio, Braden, Colin, John, and Steph.