Floret Loret Bestows An Imaginative Journey Of Power With His ‘Tales of The Terrarium’ Album

For years Floret Loret, has tapped into many different mediums of tones and rhythms. Within his works, there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to. Becoming inspired by his eclectic and mature productions and writings through sound. The amount of detail throughout is carefully aligned like stars in the sky. Shining brighter than the sun. Never disappointing for a second and always showcasing his evolution as a true artist in this realm, with his debut album, Tales of The Terrarium, he’s sharing his most unique and powerful work to date with an extra flare of upgraded techniques and a stellar new vision to engulf yourself in.

This album encapsulates not only his years of hard work but what this journey means to him as a whole. Honoring one of the main points of his productions. Pushing himself to keep going and never stopping. After a deep and everlasting conversation with his dad through a scary and down time in his life, he bounced back harder than ever. Hitting a reset button to rewrite his ongoing process and ending up creating this beautiful work of art. Fabricating a character by the name of Napo, he uses this new hero figure to represent a major aspect of the project. Taking listeners along Napo’s journey as he explores this brand-new world. Conquering challenges along the way while gaining new knowledge to take with him.

If you’ve followed the artist’s work for some time now, then you’re in for a bigger treat than you can ever imagine. Each track is carefully placed in its own chapter. Never feeling rushed or out of place due to its captivating story and brightening nature. The classic Floret Loret we all know while introducing us to a whole new side. Crisp, beefy drums, cinematic atmospheres, and overall sound design to fill your spirits, it’s a ride you’ll never ever want to leave. From a groove-infused wonderland of peace in ‘Druids Magic,’ to a dark and insidious realm of mystery throughout ‘Mandragoras,’ there are surprises lurking in every corner of the spectrum, waiting to unfold. Easily making this album constantly impress with each listen. A masterpiece to say the least.

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