ELIMINA Floats Beyond A Deep Cavern Of Dreams With ‘Distant Call’

ELIMINA‘s immense talent is something to behold. His way of integrating pure color and whimsy in his works is breathtaking and astonishing. Creating an out-of-body experience throughout each piece while paving a memorable path for his future. From orchestrating mind-blowing music to designing top-tier artwork, visuals, and more, this artist is filled with a creative voice that speaks volumes in many forms. His newest single, ‘Distant Call’ is another prime example of why he’s one of the strongest in this industry. Pushing this style in a gorgeous direction.

Known for his glitch-infused wonderlands of sound, this single holds nothing back! In fact, it exceeds all expectations and truly lives up to the excitement and hype. The aura surrounding glows on a whole other level. Expressing his true nature of perseverance and passion through crisp beefy drums, to sound design that will make you question reality itself. It’s filled with intoxicating surprises! Making you want to break the repeat button. It’s addictive qualities and the aftermath will leave you speechless and heavily inspired to say the least.

Each section flows perfectly and will keep you guessing about what’s to come! Catching your attention on a whim and never letting it leave. From a cinematic and hypnotic soundscape to bring out those angelic emotions, to a beam of pure energy through each chorus, this is a song you can always come back to. Relishing in its healing environment. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Distant Call’ everywhere!