UZ And barnacle boi Descent To The Underworld With ‘Venom’

UZ and barnacle boi. What an unexpected and mind-blowing team-up this is! The pure essence and raw power these artists possess are truly unbeatable. Each with their unique flare, they’ve shaped their sound into pure staples within the electronic spectrum. These kingpins have stopped at nothing from creating cinematic journeys for the world. And once everyone saw this collaboration was coming to light, there was an immediate and electrifying amount of excitement! So buckle up, because this one’s a mind-boggling trip through the underworld of frequencies.

‘Venom’ is an absolute weapon of a tune. It encapsulates and represents both UZ and barnacle boi’s passions wonderfully in a satisfying and suave fashion. From an automatic catapult of energy swirling through listeners’ heads right away, to a pure bright beam of heaviness within the chorus itself, there’s never a dull moment in this adventure as it completely captures the beauty of the classic electronic trap sound. Those hard and earth-shattering drums combined with such swift sound design are nothing but exhilarating to the ears. Creating an intoxicating and addictive nature. Making you want to experience it again again.

It’s an automatic classic for 2024 and will easily go down as one of the heaviest and most iconic tunes this year. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Venom’ everywhere via Monstercat!