Dr. Ushuu Amazes With New EP – Run The Trap: The Best EDM, Hip Hop & Trap Music

In a world where diversity is hard to come by, one artist decides to leave the world entirely, leaving behind only his planet-crushing bass and galactic melodies. We’re talking about none other than Dr. Ushuu, who is formerly known as D.C.R and had been supported by the likes of Ookay, Martin Garrix, and Nicky Romera. 

Now transitioning to his bass music alter ego, the artist is completing the transformation with his debut EP Survivor.

This debut EP isn’t meant for the faint of heart, as each track brings a fresh take on Ushuu’s signature heavy hitting sound. Not only does the producer give us his classic heavy hitting trap and dubstep, the Dr. gave us just the prescription we needed to scratch that house itch in “Crying for U.” The first drop grabs inspiration from bass house, allowing the track to bounce off the listeners speakers for a small interlude from the traditional Dr. Ushuu beats, which promptly return for round two.

Listen to the EP for yourself below, and check out Dr. Ushuu if you haven’t already

Dr. Ushuu Amazes With New EP