DEATHPACT’s ‘ID’ Got The REAPER Treatment

It’s officially another quarantine Sunday morning, however this time I’m going to kicking off my weekend in a slightly different way. Brioches and cappuccino obviously cannot be missed on my table, but today there’s more on the menù. Something hot, tasty, highly energy-giving. I’m talking of nothing less than the latest REAPER effort, a true bomb under the form of a remix for DEATHPACT’s ‘ID’. Spoiler: it works better than caffeine.

To be honest, initially, the intro totally deceived me. I mean, I got to know REAPER quite well thanks to his guest mix but the first, peaceful seventy seconds almost convinced me that he was up to some liquid drum&bass stuff. Foolish me! The drops are instead 100% REAPER sound, all gas, no brakes. Those big, huge, gritty vibes cry out for club sound systems, mosh pits, and sweat. They shake you from head to toe, take possession of your body and make it move as they please, so much so that not even the best of exorcisms could save you. Your only hope is to wait for the gloomy outro, but I really think that when it comes you will find yourself voluntarily hitting play again and letting yourself go into this beautiful frenzy.

Big up to REAPER for this massive take of DEATHPACT’s ‘ID’ (which still to have to be released though). You can stream the remix below or on your favorite platform here.