CORTR Unleashes A Pure Weapon With His Remix Of TroyBoi’s ‘O.G’

Honoring TroyBoi’s ongoing legacy and power, CORTR returns with a massive remix of ‘O.G.’ Praising the original’s aura while taking it through a portal to the future. Keeping what made the original iconic and elevating the energy times ten. Bringing back memories while making new ones. Ready to destroy speakers around the world with its suave and earth-shattering personality. Throwing listeners for a complete loop and leaving nothing but smiles on their faces from beginning to end. Remixes such as this make you feel truly elevated. Easily making this one of his strongest productions to date!

CORTR’s style flourishes greatly from a whimsical introduction of colorful melodies and an airy atmosphere to surround the overall vision. Preparing you with a true calming before the storm. And once that chorus section drops, it knocks you back in your seats. The massive sound design completely takes the spotlight with a rhythm to get any crowd into a frenzy. Breaking down barriers and showing no mercy. Not to mention how much strength is in those drums. Giving the track an organic and raw beam of frequencies. Throughout the journey, the artist knew exactly how to keep the power flowing. Never wasting a second. Delivering an honorable and eye-opening experience! So make sure to show your support by streaming CORTR’s remix of ‘O.G’ via SoundCloud!