Catalog Launches New Blog ‘Liner Notes’

Tokens, decentralization, on-chain, all terms that have now gone out of fashion for the general public, but the Web3 underground is alive and well and continues to visualize and build the future of the music industry. Catalog has always been one of our (and many others’) reference points for what concerns the new world of music ownership and curation. Besides their digital record shop (through which fans have paid artists over 3 million) what we’ve deeply appreciated about the Catalog team is that they’ve always been keen to reiterate how the project’s scope was not exclusively economics, but also humanistic and cultural for all the actors involved, artists, listeners, and collectors. Taking another step in this direction, they’ve just launched Catalog’s own blog.

Called Liner Notes, it is “a dedicated zone for music stories that extend bridges of solidarity, immortalize cultural moments, guide ears beyond their comfort zones, and fuel new trains of thought.” As bloggers ourselves, we are excited to see the birth of such initiatives, especially being fully aware of the antagonistic historical moment written media outlets are experiencing. For this reason, we’d like to congratulate the Catalog team and wish them the best in this new venture.

Liner Notes offers a paid Editorial Pitch Program and accepts new story submissions by both aspiring and established writers. The articles will be hosted on Arweave a decentralized storage for online permanence.