Chee Returns To Deadbeats With Mind-Melting ‘Polarities’ EP

Chee needs no introduction here on FUXWITHIT. Years of supporting the artist have allowed us to watch him grow from an underground force into a household favourite, as he never ceases to innovate with a unique sound that only he can call his own. Even when he strays from his quintessential bass swagger as he did in his remix for ‘Temper‘ and ‘Motorola,’ Chee is able to create moody soundscapes unlike any other.

Following the release of ‘Spangled,’ ‘Act Like You Know’ and ‘Rusty Nickels,’ Chee returns to Deadbeats today to unveil his third full project on the imprint, namely the Polarities EP. Comprised of two new cuts, the Polarities EP continues to showcase the artist’s undeniable ability to break down barriers of expectations in bass music. ‘The Wisp Song’ opens the collection of tunes with an ominously futuristic introduction that spans well over a minute, changing directions midway through before a minimal bass drop riddled with hypnotizing frequencies hits hard. The three aforementioned tracks follow, where Chee showcases a mix of his mastery of halftime, future garage, dubstep and more. Finally, ‘Hold It’ closes the Polarities EP with a grit only Chee can concoct as he flawlessly adds his bass flair to a gnarly hip-hip-influenced beat.

It’s hard to pick a favourite from the project as each song offers a distinct listening experience. Dive into Chee’s Polarities EP below.