Charles Nimbus Delivers a Phantasmic Two-Step Hit with ‘Ghost Dance’

Philadelphia-based Charles Nimbus has had a wildly successful year in 2023. Playing direct support for such heavy-hitters as Tipper, LTJ Bukem, Resonant Language, and EAZYBAKED, the Six Star Records wonder kid has dipped his toes in a wide swath of sonic palettes recently, coming a long way from his origin days as a lone SoundCloud producer. UKG, jungle, halftime, or dubstep… you’re likely to hear them all in any of his live sets. His latest release, ‘Ghost Dance,’ is the premier embodiment of the diverse soundscapes he has spent the last year cultivating.

We love a good two-step beat here at FUXWITHIT and ‘Ghost Dance’ fully delivers on that premise. Rhythmic sub-bass meanders through the track like a mountain road while impeccably clean hi-hats keep the two-step structure consistent. A brief pause in the percussion lasts just long enough to give the impression that the track might be ending before the drums circle entrancingly back in for another round. A faintly dark-sounding but not quite melancholy track, ‘Ghost Dance’ captures the aura of a pitch-black basement dancefloor mover.

The year is not yet over for Charles Nimbus. With an end-of-the-year support slot still lined up for Jade Cicada in Brooklyn, his 2023 success story is poised to continue unabated well into 2024. While you await your chance to hear his exhilarating sets live in the flesh, check out ‘Ghost Dance’ below.