LISTEN: Sherm & Chris Diaz Debut Underground Anthem “Standing Ovation”

In a spectacular conclusion to a standout year, Chicago’s rising house maestro, Sherm, joins forces with San Diego-based Chris Diaz to unleash their latest collaborative triumph, “Standing Ovation.” Released today under the esteemed Candy Flip Records banner, the track marks a sonic journey through the realms of rumbling tech house, blending pulsating rhythms and thumping four-on-the-floor beats.

“Standing Ovation” opens with a hypnotic groove, gradually building momentum as intricate layers of percussion interlace with a mesmerizing vocal sample. Sherm’s distinctive touch is unmistakable, and Chris Diaz’s contribution adds an extra layer of intrigue, infusing the single with undeniable energy from start to finish. Together, their melodic sensibilities create a hypnotic anthem destined to dominate dance floors well into the new year.

Commenting on the track, Sherm stated: “Standing Ovation is truly a 50/50 split on our styles and sounds. We revived the composition from a stack of ID’s that I had and Diaz immediately had a connection to the idea. The layers and progression of the track make it really unique and you find yourself absorbed in the music. So happy to finally release this one with my BOY!

Listen to “Standing Ovation” wherever you find your music here, or below on Spotify.

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LISTEN: Sherm & Chris Diaz Debut Underground Anthem “Standing Ovation”