Cerdin – Talk

Hailing from Western Canada, Cerdin has risen to become a driving force in the electronic music scene. He’s hot off the standout Sable Valley single ‘GASLEAK’ alongside Squired and his previous Anti Up flip set SoundCloud ablaze clocking in 180,000+ streams. Known for an inventive bass leaning sound, the producer is hard to pin down but one thing is for sure – the music always impresses. Making his debut on FUXWITHIT comes his most adventurous work to date in ‘Talk.’

Cerdin is always open to innovation and his new single takes the concept to new levels. Built around a haunting vocal, the female voice pulls you in with an intoxicating concoction that’s equal parts addictive and evocative. Sweeping atmospheres and delicate keys drift beneath creating a divine mystique. Accelerating drums, rising sirens, and bent vocal tones build to an explosive release. The first drop is chaotic, heart-racing, and banging, without feeling overwhelming. There’s a sense of masterfully controller chaos that keeps you on your toes while maintaining an off-kilter groove. Cerdin offers a brief respite as the ghostly vocal bends drift in once more before bringing a shocking yet exhilerating final drop. Pulling in hints of techno, the finale puts a pounding kick drum at the forefront while the producer injects an ever-evolving undercurrent to keep the excitement at a peak.

‘Talk’ fuses spellbinding beauty and moving textures with mind-melting drops for a sound that’s truly one of a kind.

I’m in a very inspired spot with producing right now where I’m listening to so much, and trying to translate things I like about different subgenres and sound styles into one cohesive work. This track is the first finished product of this ‘research and development’ period I’ve entered where I’m just trying anything and everything regardless of what the Cerdin ‘brand’ might be to some people. I’m just happy to be pushing my limits and exploring more. I hope you enjoy it! There’s plenty more where it came from. Thank you FUXWITHIT and thank you listeners for your time! – Cerdin

Stream ‘Talk’ below and everywhere! Don’t forget to grab the free download.