LISTEN: Ainonow Releases Debut EP ‘Exile’

A groundbreaking new artist emerges as rising dark, minimal D&B producer Ainonow makes his debut with the release of his forward-thinking Exile EP. Serving as the launch point for his induction into the New England-based Goop Troop Collective, this innovative project is set to redefine the boundaries of the bass music genre and captivate listeners with its unique sonic journey.

Kyle Kroeck is at the helm of the enigmatic music project Ainonow. His Exile EP is a scintillating blend of his broad range of influences and techniques, combining cutting-edge production techniques with a deep understanding of sound design. Seamlessly blending elements from various electronic music genres including, but not limited to, Drum and Bass, Halftime, Wonky, Trap, UK Bass, Glitch, IDM, Post-Industrial, Hip-Hop & Rap, his debut offering explores uncharted territories, crafting aural landscapes that push the envelope of production and experimentation.

“My message is simple and it’s connected with why I make art. My hope is that listening to my music is a cathartic experience for my listeners and a way for them to feel seen and understood. I want it to connect them emotionally to their darker feelings and realize that it’s okay to feel these emotions, it’s part of being human. I also want it to act as a conduit so that they can channel this energy into something helpful, comforting, and somewhat healing.”


Despite this being his debut release, the quality of production is astounding, rightfully establishing Ainonow as an artist to watch in the coming year.

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LISTEN: Ainonow Releases Debut EP ‘Exile’