camoufly Enters A New Era With ‘In Plain Sight’ EP

Sweet reminder that you can not only remix all my music, but I invite you to download any song illegally if you don’t want to buy them. I’m serious, I won’t mind.”

This is definitely not something we’re used to seeing written by a music producer, but talking about camoufly, well, this is the norm. After all, if you are a long-time fan, you know very well that the “anonymous producer,” if it makes sense to use this term anymore, lives within his own world with his own rules. “I feel I’m just doing my thing, what I feel without overthinking” he once responded to me when pointing out that both his music and persona are one of a kind. And it’s exactly this genuineness that I always identify as the basis of his success. In addition, of course, to off-the-chart talent and a brilliant brain. Genuineness is often wrongly juxtaposed with naivety, but never this juxtaposition could be more wrong than in the case of camoufly. I’ve never encountered an artist so aware of the tools and possibilities at his disposal.

Musical and technological trends continue to mutate at breakneck speed but he rarely misses an opportunity to test and experiment. This approach has translated equally into the purely creative sphere, where camoufly has had no qualms about embracing the most disparate genres, always remaining anchored to the cornerstone of his personality. One of which is certainly his passion (or better, fixation) for the art of sampling, a theme we have discussed in depth in our previous interviews.

If with the end of the triptych of EPs consisting of Apotheosis, Giant, and Faith, his discography had already taken on considerable size, impact, and cultural depth, with the arrival of this new EP camoufly takes a further quantum leap. Between anticipation, trivia, memes, and minimeters the last few weeks have been the usual rollercoaster that prepared us for this brand-new experience. New music, new look but no face reveal… yet.

In Plain Sight, is the (clever) name chosen by camoufly for his fourth EP, which features a set of four tunes and a whole new aesthetic look for the brand. On the music side, the project follows the footprints of the two singles that anticipated it, ‘Kaleidoscope’ and ‘Earthbound’. A combination that does not deviate excessively from the “classic” camoufly flair, but takes a flat-out dancefloor approach. It might be a stretch, but I spy a pretty significant French touch influence in this EP. Although all the songs sound far cleaner than most of the music that came out in the 10s, in these uptempo four-on-the-floor rhythms which pound arrogantly under patterns of cheesy, glittery synths I hear echos of Cassius and Simian Mobile Disco. The extra thick basses instead directly reminded me of a quote in which Gaspard Aùge (one-half of Justice) said, “I’ve always been obsessed with making larger than life music […] mostly because it’s more fun”. Be it ‘Kaleidoscope’, ‘Always’, ‘Baby’, or ‘Earthbound’, the basslines are always so bouncy that sound like they’re about to explode and make the entire world jump. A trait they have in common with the bursting enthusiasm camoufly is showing in the promotion of In Plain Sight. At this point, I’ve been following him for many years, and I swear I’ve never seen him so satisfied, proud, and happy with his music.  For what concerns the vocals (one more inspired than the other) and his new (questionable) fashion choices, I pass the buck to camoufly himself. I’m pretty sure that he will talk about this EP for a long, long time.

You can listen to In Plain Sight below and download it for free for a limited time here.