Bafu And tearsofmine Link Up For Wavy Single ‘Inner Void’

Our very own tearsofmine is having quite a busy 2023 so far. Bootlegs, mixes, his debut EP, he’s been all over the place cementing the status of the project. With the calendar marking minus sixty days to the end of the year, he welcomes the final rush by joining forces with Bafu on a brand new single titled ‘Inner Void’. Bafu is a name who, unfortunately, I haven’t mentioned enough here on FUXWITHIT, but he’s one of my reference points for my SoundCloud sessions when I look for melodic bass and hardwave cuts.  His affinity for high-energy melody toplines, which gained him releases on imprints such Dektora, Ophelia, and Inverted Audio, here melts with tearsofmine’s trap-oriented approach to the wave sound.

‘Inner Void’ comes as a slow-paced, five-minute (a brave choice in these times) sonic tale that cuddles our ears without being stale or boring. While embodying the stereotypical dense and hypnotic wave flow, the punching and crispy drums prevent us from completely abandoning ourselves to an oniric trip. Like tiny electrical shocks, the kick, the hi-hats, and the snare tease us, keeping our minds on the thin line between reality and dreams. A state where consciousness and subconscious overlap, past and future are flattened on the same level and emotions return to a primordial stage.

The way [tearsofmine] is able to inject emotion into music is inspiring to say the least. I was sitting on the original demo for “Inner Void” for a bit and so happy to have collabed with John on it because he breathed a new life into it that I just didn’t see before.”  Bafu tells us.

Talking about the genesis of the song, tearsofmine adds, “when he came to me with an already brilliant idea, I was ecstatic. So I wanted to incorporate my vision and techniques to compliment his, while still maintaining and honoring the original idea as a whole”.

‘Inner Void’ indeed sounds like the perfectly balanced contact point between the different sensibilities of the two artists, whom I hope to see working together again in the future, maybe for an ‘Inner Void’ part two. 

Listen to ‘Inner Void’ below.