Stepping Into The Female Power With Kelly Monrow

If you haven’t listened to “The Woman” yet, what are you waiting for? Kelly Monrow’s unique vocals will have you captivated while the message of self-love and unity she promotes is one of pure intentions, stemming from her very own life experiences. “The Woman” is off Monrow’s debut album Scars of Venus, which is like a treasure trove full of fascinating stories and proclamations. One of those is “Ain’t Mine”, which defines one’s borders mentally and emotionally, something a lot of us neglect quite often. 

The singer-songwriter opened up about “Ain’t Mine” in an interview with Wonderland magazine, saying, “I’ve always taken the road less travelled and I ended up getting married at a very young age – getting divorced by the time I was30. I didn’t trust myself about following my own path and so I did what all the other Texas girls were doing (no judgement). This song is about following your inner voice and creating your own path, letting go of the societal bullshit of what we’re ‘supposed to do’ with our life.” Kelly Monrow possesses incredible charm, and at the same time she’s never shy or meek in her lyrics or self-expression, which is what we love about her! Check out Scars of Venus below!