LISTEN: Slow Magic Announces Upcoming Album With New Single “Avoiding Pain”


Slow Magic is no stranger to the spotlight, having thrilled fans around the world for years with his iconic mask and unique take on electronic music. His new single “Avoiding Pain” is out now, a track inspired and made during a difficult time in his life. Alongside the single, Slow Magic is proud to announce his next album Forgotten Feels, dropping this summer.

“Avoiding Pain” has the makings of an album intro track, patiently building and building momentuem towards a climax that doesn’t quite emerge in this particular track. It’s a song that you feel in your heart as much as you hear with your ears, as the ebb and flow of the track tug at the heartstrings and conjure memories from moments past. One of the most outspoken advocates for mental health awareness, Slow Magic is a master of weaving inspirational themes into his music, using his platform and music to support and inspire others to not be fearful of being themselves, sharing their emotions, and embracing the process of healing after hurt. For anyone who may be hurting or going through something, this track and all Slow Magic is for you, gently reminding you that everything will be ok. Take a listen below:

What do we lose by avoiding our pain? I finished this song in the midst of learning that I had lost a family member. I spent a lot of time grieving and mourning for that person and reflecting on times in the past. There was a rush of nostalgic feelings and extreme pain that reminded me that we cannot go back to those times. Although I had been thinking about the meaning of the song and the vocal samples for a while, it became even clearer during my period of mourning. I hope people can find their own meaning and understanding in the words and music of this song and remember not to be afraid of their emotions, and to talk to others about them.“

– Slow Magic

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LISTEN: Slow Magic Announces Upcoming Album With New Single “Avoiding Pain”