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Making headlines once again, Valentino Khan is poised to continue elevating his status as a producer. Announcing his upcoming “French Fried” EP via Mad Decent, we are treated to our very first taste with lead single “Blackmail.” Pulling inspiration from his formative years listening to French electro, Valentino Khan showcases an incredible level of production, influenced by the blog house era of dance music. A classic four-on-the-floor sweeping house track, Valentino Khan returns to his roots with nuanced flare in “Blackmail.”

“My introduction to dance music over a decade ago came from passing by my brother’s room and hearing the distorted electronic sounds that were coming overseas from Europe.  This music was fresh to my American ears and created a new culture that motivated me to push boundaries as a producer. Valentino Khan

Valentino Khan – Blackmail | Stream


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Valentino Khan Reveals “Blackmail” Ahead Of Upcoming EP