XAVAGE Unleashes A Powerful Rhythmic Entity With New EP

Coming back to the MONTA roster with vengeance, XAVAGE has released his newest EP. A two-track weapon of mass destruction. Ready to make an explosive impact on any stage around the world. Harnessing his innovative abilities and creating a wonky and old-school sounding experience. He even has a monstrous collaboration with Dabow. Both tracks compliment the label as a whole with unique techniques and pure perseverance through intoxicating rhythmic strcutures. Making this one of his most powerful works to date.

Consisting of two pieces, each has its own flare to die for. ‘Get Up’ represents unbreakable respect and honor between two artists. Both XAVAGE and Dabow’s styles flourish on a whole new level thanks to their teamwork. Each characteristic works together in pure harmony with a dash of attitude to tie everything together. From a nasty drum structure, ear-pleasing bass design, and a groove to make your feet instantly move, this track is an instant party starter. From beginning to end you’ll be sucked into the journey from its addictive and wonky personality.

‘Succession’ is a raw and gritty OG trap poem. Everything about this piece screams XAVAGE while honoring his roots to the fullest. The brisk and effective melody, earth-shattering drum choice, and vocal to describe the atmosphere of the tune really just hooks your attention. Never letting go of its wild and vast nature, it’s a monstrous force to be reckoned with. The arrangement as a whole flows so smoothly. Never a dull moment whatsoever. Another hard-hitting and fine addition to the MONTA family. We’re stoked to hear more from him!

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