Whyte Fang Follows A Dark Path Of New Beginnings ‘GENESIS’ LP

The amount of work and time put into this project is truly amazing. Developing the atmosphere and overall feel throughout the years has shaped Whyte Fang‘s creativity on another level and brought a sense of rebirth through her soul. Creating a fresh start while paying homage to her day-one listeners through a new side of her persona. GENESIS is a bouquet of dark-shaded flora. Showcasing ideas created throughout the years mixed with emotions of pure inspiration and freeness. Making this new project simply exhilarating to see come to life. Made up of 12 tracks, it’s an intoxicating experience from start to finish. Surprises hide throughout each piece as it takes your hand. Guiding you through a forest of newfound life. And leaving with your troubles washed away from the power behind each piece.

From dark ambient wonderlands to whimsical sound design executed in a beautiful fashion, GENESIS is what makes Whyte Fang’s presence separated from many in the industry. Artists such as Elohim, Chidi Himself, and more have all contributed to making this process even more rewarding. Elevating the energy and purpose of the album to another level of uniqueness. ‘333’ is a certified electronic trap classic. The earth-shattering sound design combines together perfectly with her carefully crafted drums. Making it a symbolic essence within the album as it unfolds in an eye-opening progression of effective sonic tones.  While ‘Atlantis’ honors the industrial spirit of electronic music. Teleporting listeners into an underground rave. Filled to the brim with impactful melodic structures. Topping it off with a rhythm to make anyone dance like no one is watching! This album is nothing but brilliant. It takes risks and leaps of faith while still harnessing energy beyond belief. So make sure to show your support by streaming the GENESIS album everywhere via FMU Records!