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Constantly innovating his signature sound, Valentino Khan pushes boundaries in his newest 4-track project titled “French Fried.” The EP is out now via Mad Decent and takes fans back to one of the golden eras in dance music led by the french electro movement. From hip-hop to EDM, Valentino Khan’s production style is boundless. Following  singles “Blackmail, ” “ Deathproof, ” and “ Division,” Valentino dives into the depths of his influences on his “French Fried” EP. The aptly-titled project is a reference to the early years of French electronica and the birth of blog-house. Originally introduced to the genre by his brother over a decade ago, the EP is a profoundly personal opus rooted in unwavering inspiration.

“This body of work was heavily inspired by my first exposure to dance music.  French artists played a huge role in creating sounds that drew me into the genre.  When the first wave of this hit America, it impacted me by pushing boundaries in a unique way.  I hope to continue that innovative spirit not only with this music, but with all my future releases as well.  Enjoy.” – Valentino Khan

Valentino Khan – French Fried EP | Stream

Valentino Khan · 🍟 FRENCH FRIED EP 🍟

Valentino Khan Extends His Genius On “French Fried” EP