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Aiwake and Saen join forces on “Faded Patterns,” a lush escape into gentle serenity. “Faded Patterns” is out now, the first single from their collaborative # 99000a EP. Faded Patterns is easily timeless and grips listeners into a convincing dreamstate. Atop a pop-infused production, profoundly personal lyrical croonings glide elegantly, laced with somber synth work and a poignant blow. Aiwake and Saen establish a touching composition within this Maudlin soundscape. “Faded Patterns” is an ode to transient feelings and impetuous longing and is a moment’s gaze into the truthful soul.

aiwake & Saen – Faded Patterns | Stream

aiwake · aiwake, Saen – Faded Patterns

LISTEN: aiwake & Saen Team Up on Dreamy “Faded Patterns”