UZ Gets Back To His Roots With ‘Secret Stash V1’ EP

After taking some time off, UZ has returned with a vengeance in 2023. Lead by standout collaborations alongside TroyBoi and Deadcrow, the trap legend has reminded everyone why he sits atop the throne. Over 10 years removed from the beginning of his genre-defining Trap Shit series, the producer is returning to his roots.  His latest EP Secret Stash V1 builds upon the foundation he laid out a decade ago. Mainly instrumental-driven, the project mixes dark and hypnotic soundscapes with pounding 808 and clean but killer drums. It’s the sound that’s been missing from the electronic trap scene and it’s amazing to see it finally beginning to make its return.

Taking my music back to its roots was my goal with this new project. The music I made for UZ was inspired by my love for hip-hop and electronic music. Though I love songs with vocals, my intent here was to give power back to the instrumentals in a nod to UZ’s golden era and in celebration of the beat scene. – UZ

Kicking things off right comes the aptly titled ‘Beast.’ The ominous intro and haunting vocal bends create a sense of epic anticipation. The icy soundscape gives way to snappy snares and rolling hi-hats hitting expertly over heavy 808s. The retooled second drop mixes trap and drill with dizzying 808 slides for a masterclass in minimal mastery.  ‘Perroquet’ is a wonderfully off-kilter trap anthem that’s draped in hypnotic melodies and exotic undertones. Drifting between banging and breezy UZ finds the sweet spot. The most aggressive and heavy hitting cut in the pack is ‘Bad.’ It’s dark and menacing while still packing an enthralling allure. Closing things out comes ‘Throw Sumn’ feat. Yung Skrrt – a party-ready anthem that balances Yung Skrrt’s wreckless raps and new-age flow with UZ’s timeless trap backing. It’s a don’t give a fuck banger to soundtrack those out-of-control nights that you can’t remember but won’t ever forget. Staying true to the project’s vision it also includes the instrumental version of ‘Throw Sumn’ so fans can truly appreciate the production separately.

UZ’s Secret Stash V1 is everything I want from UZ and trap music in 2023. The only thing that makes this better is that it’s labeled as V1, so it looks like we can expect more from his Secret Stash on the way…