UpsideDown Nurtures Broken Hearts With ‘Wonky Love’

Floating along a wave of groove, UpsideDown returns with a brand new anthem called ‘Wonky Love.’ A smooth and suave sounding poem in the form of whimsical melodies, angelic rhythmic structures and more! The beat icon has done it again in terms of high quality and forward-thinking abilities. Now, if you haven’t heard of this legend yet, we highly suggest checking out his roster of heat. Using different cultural influences within his work, he’s touched the hearts and souls of many within the underground. From intoxicating trap, to groovy funk environments, the range is truly impressive.  He’s even made a wonderful mark on labels such as Elysian Records and now brednbutter! And if there’s one thing you can expect from him, it’s a magical time through his rich understanding of rhythmic craftsmanship.

‘Wonky Love’ is an out-of-body experience. Connecting different emotions on a whole new level. From beginning to end, you’ll simply be mesmerized by how much creative thought went into this process. A dreamy arrangement intertwining with soft and gentle melodies takes you away into a vast atmosphere. Flying high into an unknown galaxy. Filled with positive vibes and happiness all around. Even the drums and percussion have a story to tell on their own. Working together in a star-striking fashion. Adding a huge portion to the overall vision. You’ll find yourself hitting the replay button without even knowing it due to the track’s comforting nature. Making this one of the most unique pieces this year! So make sure to go support this icon by streaming ‘Wonky Love’ everywhere via brednbutter!