Treat Yourself With Chris Reardon’s Exquisite Alternative Rock Track “Elephant In The Room”

UK native producer and singer-songwriter Chris Reardon continues his highly noticed journey with the release of his latest song, “Elephant In The Room,” a sophisticated alternative rock track that will undoubtedly make some heavy noise on the airwaves. 

Reardon had been traveling a lot during the course of his life, leading him to experience different situations, contexts, and cultures that opened his mind and helped him find these enormous amounts of creativity and artistic intuitions. Yes, Chris Reardon is an intuitive artist who restlessly pursues the ‘blue note’ or the perfect sound, most often found within the alternative rock musical realm. 

After “Drifting” released a month ago, “Elephant In The Room” is Reardon’s latest work of art, an unmissable track with a uniquely dark and poetic feel.