Trampa Displays Unbridled Versatility In ‘Disrespect’ LP

From kicking off and closing out Never Say Die: Black Label, to remaining one of the label’s (and the scene’s) hardest hitting forces, Trampa has earned a plethora of accolades that most wish to achieve in a lifetime. One thing missing from the English producer’s arsenal, though, was a full body of work that embodied his true genius. The key word in the previous sentence, was, is enough to tell you all you need to know about the status of that situation, as Trampa has finally unleashed his Disrespect LP via Never Say Die for all to enjoy.

Simply put, the Disrespect LP contains ten distinct tracks, each holding strong on their own, but coming together to create a riveting journey through various eras of bass music. Don’t get us wrong; every track has that unique Trampa flair that has lingered throughout his works for years now. However, in the Disrespect LP, Trampa displays a versatility that, quite frankly, we didn’t know he possessed.

Hip-hop and grime inspirations come to light in the title track and ‘Generals.’ ‘Signal’ pairs menacing drum and bass with classic breaks to transport listeners back to the early days of raving in the UK. More old-school British influence oozes profusely in ‘All Night’ as Trampa meshes his inventive production overtop Nolay’s swagger-filled vocals. From start to finish, Trampa exudes the styles and sounds that have shaped bass music today, while simultaneously adding his modern touch to these pieces. The Disrespect LP is a constant battle between old and new, but the talented artist has fused the best of both worlds to construct a proper Trampa album, and there’s no shortage of the heavy bass signature that he has championed over the last few years.

Oh, and did we mention there’s also a mind-melting Space Laces collaboration in there? Dive into the Disrespect LP below.