The Exceptional, New, Self-Titled Album From The Star YUNGBLUD

YUNGBLUD just dropped a brand-new album where the artist exposes the truths of the most universal fear there is—mortality. “The Funeral”, which premiered in March of this year, amassed millions of plays thanks to its vivid imagery and strong vocal composition. It opened up the discussion around our time on this planet as the artist’s voice rings “I’ve been dancing at my funeral /Waiting for you to arrive…But nobody came, what a shame, shame, shame”.

Taking a jab at the numbness of our society to the deaths of young talents, YUNGBLUD unbottles the best of his alternative pop-punk melodies to date; giving his listeners something both new and familiar. “Armed with his trademark smudged eyeliner and creeper shoes, Doncaster, England’s Dominic Harrison uses formulaic pop melodies to proclaim the misfit manifesto: Nobody understands me,” reads a review on Pitchfork. It’s more than that this time around, though, with YUNGBLUD taking up a theme that feels both imminent and at the same time distant, something that will make the listeners stop and think.

His third album to date, YUNGBLUD counts thirteen powerful tracks, each filled to the brim with energy and an undeniable dynamic that draws on the artist’s personal experiences and feelings. The young star is out on a world tour and you can get your tickets here.

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