tearsofmine Crafts Impressive Debut EP ‘MIDNIGHT GENESIS’

Hailing from the depths of North Eastern, Pennsylvania, tearsofmine is an artist who continues to improve with each release. First landing on our site with the High Peaks Collective released ‘Flytrap,’ the producer has proved their talents time and time again with cuts like ‘Mirror Edge,’ ‘Angel’s Ghost’ and ‘Push The Gas.’ Fusing hard-hitting trap sensibilities with a powerful emotional pull, the talented creator has truly come into his own with the impressive debut EP ‘MIDNIGHT GENESIS.’ A strong body of work has the ability to put fans on notice, and tearsofmine’s latest does just that. 

Crafted as a true piece of the artist’s soul, the EP is bookended by a cinematic introduction and conclusion. ‘timefall’ is a tone-setting slow-burner that pairs haunting chords with vast vocal bends and rainfall. ‘shattered memory’ builds onto the introduction leveraging pitched vocals and chunky percussion to build excitement. The first drop is nothing short of beastly, ripping open the soulful fabric previously established with uncontrolled force. The blistering beat would be at home inciting mosh pits as equally as scoring a futuristic car race. ‘voidout’ keeps the thematic thread blazing through for another fierce high-octane explosion. The switch-up in the back half utilizes rave-inspired vocals with futuristic lasers for a forward-thinking sound that flirts with a sense of nostalgia.  Switching the scene, ‘broken’ offers an emotive escape while still packing a punch in its own right. Exploring wave territory, the tender vocals harness a ghostly beauty that’s intensified by the vibey backing.  Drawing the sonic journey to a close comes ‘sleepless.’ The laidback offering delivers a swirling of emotions with an underlying sense of uncertainty. There’s a controlled epicness contained in the sound palette that serves as a perfect finale.

MIDNIGHT GENESIS is a captivating listen from beginning to end. Leveraging specific sounds and samples across the tracks gives the project a distinct sense of cohesion while laying the foundation for teasrofmine’s signature sound. The debut EP marks tearsofmine’s artistic evolution and cements his status as one of the scene’s artists to watch in 2023.

“This project was an outer body experience for me. The process took a while and with constant second thoughts and going back and forth in my head, I never thought it’d see the day till much much later. But I had to learn to finally let go and release it with no regrets looking back. Everything within this chapter explains who I am as an artist and where I’m trying to go with my project. I’m really happy how it turned out and I wouldn’t give up this experience for anything.” – tearsofmine

Stream MIDNIGHT GENESIS below and everywhere now.