Talia Serene’s Debuts Single “Like I Know Me” Is An Ode To Self-Love

Talia Serene dropped a bomb new single “Like I Know Me,” which celebrates self-love. The starlet showcases flawless vocal performance that confirms her outstanding musical skills. The song’s playful and riveting music video will be released soon.

“Like I Know Me” is the perfect fusion of Hip-Pop, R&B, Pop, and Trap. The multi-talented singer-songwriter effortlessly mixes in the classic with the urban, bringing a fresh new perspective to the genre. Talia aspires to empower the public with her music. She owns who she is and wants the world to follow her example. With her colorful personality and contagious energy, the artist motivates people to trust their intuition and ignore irrelevant opinions that drag them away from their core. 

With her impactful debut “Like I Know Me,” Talia is set to grab the attention of industry professionals, helping her make progress towards her goals.

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