Omar LKC Out With A Debut EP “Too Far Away” 

Rising artist Omar LKC drops his debut EP called Too Far Away, a collection of five songs that demonstrate the artist’s passion for authentic music and his unique approach to music making. The album opens with “LKC”, a powerful track with equally intense layers and arrangements that leave listeners wanting more. “Despair”, with its tragic melody wrapped in hip-hop percussion, leads to “Too Far Away,” the title track which really digs into themes of loneliness, belonging, and having meaningful relationships with people around us.

Always exploring new sonorities and restlessly broadening his musical horizon, Omar LKC is one of those few artists in perpetual search for innovation in their craft. His debut track was released in 2022 and titled “Bitter Observation,” a magnificent record featuring beautiful instrumentals, epic progressions, and of course, Omar’s smooth and soothing flow with lyrics stemming from his own life experiences. Stay tuned for more!

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