sumthin sumthin Weaves A Blanket Of Elegant Sentiments With ‘When I’m Gone’

sumthin sumthin‘s mystical and fluorescent abilities have shaped him into a wondrous and powerful musician. Tapping into many different realms of sound and rhythms and creating one contemporary piece after another. Guiding electronic music in a beautiful direction thanks to his innovative works of art. Not stopping for a second and always evolving year after year. And now, he’s touching the hearts of many with his debut track on bitbird, ‘When I’m Gone.’ A breathtaking and gentle experience of pure perseverance through the sonic spectrum. Expressing the feeling of finally breaking the bind from a toxic relationship no matter the status. Finally letting go and feeling free from always having to depend on someone else emotionally. Never looking back.

This track is about codependency and breaking free from the binds of someone you rely on for emotional stability. The lyrics say ‘you’ll need somebody to please when I’m gone,’ stating an exit from a toxic codependent relationship, in which the other person will have to find someone new to latch onto. As the track moves along towards the climax, I’m attempting to encapsulate what it feels like to finally let go of something or someone that has been holding you back. It is a new beginning of sorts, allowing all of that built-up emotion to finally release itself. – sumthin sumthin 

What makes this track special is how it has such a go-getter attitude and after-effect. From the artist’s own carefully processed vocals to those fast-paced drums combined with angelic melodies fluttering through your head, it’s an actual dream you won’t want to leave. Showing his audience how adaptable he can be throughout any environment while still incorporating his signature techniques. This is by far one of his best and most powerful works to date! Truly exciting to hear him branch off into this level of imagination. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘When I’m Gone’ everywhere via bitbird!