Sully Constructs A Highly Intelligent Android With His ‘Malfunction’ EP

With hours and hours put in his laboratory, Sully has made yet another breakthrough with his efforts. His brand new EP, Malfunction is a dangerous hybrid presence. Waiting to strike whoever comes its way. A perfect way to hype anyone up even on the gloomiest of days.

For a while now, the artist has proven over and over again to be a force to be reckoned with. His highly diverse abilities within the spectrum have made fans fall to their knees and praise this up-and-coming guru of heaviness. And being quite the regular over at Wakaan, their partnership has benefited both sides within the underground. Delivering only the gnarliest bass music. So prepare for a wild and extravagant ride through the eye of a massive storm.

The Malfunction EP is the perfect example of organic and forward-thinking intelligence. It not only pleases his main listeners out there, but also a variety of fans in the electronic music realm. The amount of range portrayed in each track proves how diverse Sully is when it comes to creativity and balance. From a nasty trap wasteland called, ‘Bumps,’ to a classic bass house environment in ‘Vibrate,’ nothing is predictable and will always leave you surprised and impressed. Not to mention how sophisticated the sound design is. Something truly out of this world. Even the drums are taken care of with delicacy and heart. Having this EP on repeat amazes you more and more. This is a huge next step for his career. Leaving another memorable mark on the industry and inspiring up and coming producers from all over. So make sure to go support his art by streaming the Malfunction¬†everywhere via Wakaan!