camoufly Calls Upon The Spirit Of Summer With ‘nokia jam’

Celebrating the start of Summer, camoufly has blessed us with his newest creation, ‘nokia jam!’ A funky and everlasting beginning to a gorgeous new season. An instant bop! The artist has been absolutely killing it this year so far. Pushing his vision even farther into the light and spreading joy to all his listeners. From a timeless debut EP, to tackling new challenges with each single, he’s determined to overcome anything that comes his way. And with this brand new step, he’s surprising his audience yet again with mind-bending rhythms and a jaw-dropping arrangement! So be prepared to dance your feet off because this one is quite the journey.

‘nokia jam’ creates an endless cycle of inspiration and positivity. A brand new space and atmosphere for the musician while still holding his special flare of whimsy. The song completely takes you off guard in the best ways possible from its fast-paced drums and energetic vocal surrounding it all. Nothing but tons of ear candy to discover and cherish for a lifetime. When it comes to unique and forward-thinking techniques, camoufly is the first to come to mind. And integrating his lush and jazzy chords can turn any crowd into a frenzy. Keeping the track flowing at a fast and satisfying pace for all to enjoy. The perfect tune to listen to along those hot and sunny beaches, or driving through a thick and lively forest. No matter where you go, this work of art will have you in an automatic trance. Making you want to listen to it again and again. So make sure to go support the young legend by streaming ‘nokia jam’ now!