Strobez Unleashes Mass Chaos Through The Stars With His ‘Restless’ EP

The name and sound of Strobez has impacted the underground with great power and relentless energy. Blowing listeners’ minds while making quite the grand entrance. The Golden Gate mad scientist has showcased some serious talent through unpredictable production and everlasting strive. Easily putting him on the map as one to pay very close attention to. And now, initiating chapter two in his career with a pure vengeance, his debut EP, Restless is finally here! Ready to knock your speakers into the stratosphere among the burning stars.

Strobez’s style has proven itself to be gorgeously complex, unique, and impactful among listeners. Constantly throwing you for a loop while showcasing the future in all its blazing glory.  This EP does just that and so much more. So buckle up, because you’re in for the ride of the century. Comprised of seven tracks altogether, there’s a lot to unpack with each given listen. So many twists and turns within each track. Making each one different from the last while harnessing the same vision he intended to create. From cosmic atmospheres to melt your heart, to bursts of crazy wonky sound design throughout the chorus sections, this project really shines on a whole new scale. Showcasing what makes this artist unstoppable.

‘Restless’ is a mean sonic machine thanks to its violent bass designs, demonic saturated vocals, and an overall killer groove. Completely taking over your soul with every given moment. Making it one of our favorites. ‘Face It and Run To It’ is another highlight with its euphoric structure, colorful melodies, and playful attitude. There’s so much to love and adore with this EP and we’re stoked to hear what’s next. But for now, make sure to show your support by streaming the Restless EP everywhere!