SQWAD Dunk On The Competition With Their ‘Kickin Back EP’

Dribbling to the basket, SQWAD has blessed us with a groovy new EP called Kickin Back. Which is out now on CONFESSION! Along these courts, lies some impressive maneuvers within the drum design and rhythm as a whole. SQWAD wastes no time in sharing their true potential in each one of their releases. Making it a fun party for all to enjoy. And labels such as IN / ROTATION, Night Bass and more have brought their skills into the spotlight. Creating an inspirational feeling for the artists to create more intoxicating records. Satisfying the craving for attending live shows.

The Kickin Back EP is an exhilarating and addicting work of art. With each track holding their own personality, it comes together in a unique and easy going fashion. From lush and deep sounding bass lines, to some light drums, SQWAD knows how to bring in those good vibrations wherever you are. Filling your life with positivity and hope. Proving themselves quite worthy of the house genre all together. Both tracks are instant anthems. Making any club go crazy and having his audience dance the night away. By bringing back those old school disco vibes, they’ve truly out done themselves on this project.

SQWAD are a dynamic duo you don’t want to sleep on. Keep a close eye because I’m sure they got some major heat to bestow upon us for the new year as well! Make sure to go support them by streaming their Kickin Back EP everywhere.