Space Laces Delivers Meaty Remix Of Odd Mob’s ‘LEFT TO RIGHT’

Odd Mob is an artist I’ve been following ever since his remix for ‘In The Dark‘ showed up in Heldeep Radio so many years ago. Since then and over the last decade, the producer has established himself as one of the most creative artists in the realm of house music – a genre that often sounds stale and repetitive. Whether it’s a club banger or a summertime bop, Odd Mob consistently works wonders with rhythm, creating grooves that never cease to make one move.

Last year’s ‘LEFT TO RIGHT’ quickly became a festival anthem due to its catchy vocal loop and addictive nature. In typical Odd Mob fashion, the talented artist executed on a simple idea to perfection and continued to solidify himself as a innovator in the scene. Now, ‘LEFT TO RIGHT’ gets one of the most unexpected revivals one can imagine: a remix from the legendary Space Laces.

Space Laces remixes are few and far between. Space Laces remixes of house tracks are even more rare, so you know this one is special. The veteran producer known for his high-octane take on every genre has given ‘LEFT TO RIGHT’ a monumental bass house treatment, revamping the original with meaty bass, futuristic lasers, and everything in between. While this remix comes as a massive surprise, what is no surprise is the quality of the rendition, as Space Laces has the Midas touch when it comes to production. Don’t miss the fiery remix below.