Skrillex, PEEKABOO, Flowdan & G-Rex Unite In ‘Badders’

One of the biggest surprises on Skrillex‘s Quest For Fire, both in terms of the collaboration and in terms of the heat, was ‘Hydrate’ alongside PEEKABOO, Flowdan and BEAM. For Skrillex to tap one of the hottest vocalists out right now and one of bass music’s most promising stars in the same track is surely among the highest recognition PEEKABOO could ever desire. Since the release of the two albums, Skrillex has hinted that perhaps more is to come, while playing unreleased material throughout his shows this year.

Notable among this stash of unreleased goodies was a track that sounded like the aforementioned tune, but wasn’t quite it. Today, that track, titled ‘Badders,’ finally reaches the light of day, and sees the stacked lineup of ‘Hydrate’ return, swapping vocals from BEAM for added production flair from G-Rex. In short, ‘Badders’ is yet another brute that highlights the strengths of all involved. Carrying the flow that PEEKABOO has mastered while featuring key elements of each contributor, the cut is tailored to sound systems with a heavy sub. Flowdan’s lyrics sail smoothly over a bass-heavy undertone that gradually becomes nastier as it progresses (that crunchy bass in the latter half of each verse is just mean), and production swagger is ever-present from start to finish.

Don’t miss ‘Badders’ below.