Samsin – Jump

After a decade in the scene, Samsin is a lowkey legend. With a style that fuses jubilant future beats, knocking trap, wild samples, impeccable bounce, and a special storytelling signature, the producer has carved out a unique sonic lane. His talents have not gone unnoticed with an official remix for the legend Great Dane, plus releases on ADBC and Sundae Sauuce, not to mention his exceptional catalog of self-releases. We are longtime fans here at FUXWITHIT, so it is with great excitement that we present Samin’s debut on our label. ‘Jump’ expertly blurs the boundaries between golden-era future beats and banging trap.

Originally the song was gonna be called ‘Leapfrog’ and go on my next project I’ve been working on, but as the tape has evolved it didn’t really fit anywhere so it went to the vault. I imagine a frog jumping from each section of the song and those sections feel really springy and bouncy to me lol.”

Bouncy, bright, and brilliant – Samsin’s ‘Jump’ is yet another instant classic in the producer’s longstanding catalog. A short but mesmerizing introduction pulls listeners close before dropping into a masterful drop that layers booming bass, shimmering synths, snappy snares, and heavenly vocal bends. Lush pads score the break as sunshine fills the scene before the producer drifts into darker territory with the retooled drop. Building upon the existing elements it feels more menacing and fierce. With the synths echoing into the distance, the percussion drives the track forward before effortlessly flowing into the third unique drop that sees the most experimental exploration with some truly mind-blowing sound design and creative flourishes. Taking listeners on an enthralling bounce-filled journey, Samsin reminds fans why he’s an underground legend.

Honestly, I just want people to hear what I’ve been up to. There’s this weird nebulous space that a lot of SoundCloud cats exist in now. From my understanding none of us really stopped making music there just hasn’t been a space for us. I’m still here making nerdy bounce Ableton shit lol. I’m so deep in this music thing that I don’t see myself ever stopping.

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