Sable Valley Unleash A Burst Of Unlimited Energy With ‘Sable Valley Summer Vol. 4’

Developing a series of high-powered weaponry, Sable Valley have finally unleashed Sable Valley Summer Vol. 4. Containing some of the most unique and heavy-hitting electronic music this year. Comprised of fifteen tracks, this specific compilation features artists who have worked hard day and night to make themselves true staples. Musicians such as JAWNS, Cerdin, Dabow, VILLA and many more have all created individual worlds for all to explore.

Each contains shining characteristics that describe them as humans and creatives. While honoring the Sable Valley name and its roots. From electronic trap, drum n bass, and even some breakbeat, there are a ton of tones and rhythms to make your days even more fulfilling. Being blown away by returning veterans while discovering some fresh new talent along the way. Easily making this one of their most diverse compilations to date.

The raw and organic technique flowing throughout will no doubt inspire you on a whole new scale. Transporting listeners into a far-out dystopia and beyond. Discovering its secret gems and overall treasures to enrich anyone’s life. With hard-hitting sound design from Lizdek and Ivoryghost, a summer smash from Dabow and Jessy Covets, and an immaculate rhythmic structure from Cerdin and Squired, this yearly journey delivers time and time again. From its breathtaking music, to the iconic artists that create them. Bravo to everyone. So make sure to show your support by streaming Sable Valley Summer Vol. 4 everywhere via Sable Valley!