Ronny Shome’s Latest Single Titled “Change” Well Encapsulate His Fine Artistry

British songwriter-producer Ronny Shome is back dropping exquisite sounds. His latest release, “Change,” is a magnificent track subtly fusing pop, dance, and house music into one cohesive and incredibly addictive single. 

The London-based British artist records and produces his own music, and has written over 100 songs during his career. When Ronny was 8 years old, his parents suggested that he and his brother learned an instrument, and Shome chose the piano. A choice that turned out to be particularly useful, especially for composers like Ronny who use the piano to create harmonies, chord progressions, and melodies. It is also thanks to his understanding of this instrument that Ronny Shome began to write songs, and never stopped since. 

He mainly finds inspiration from the 80s music, including by artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna, but also by bands like U2, Guns’ N’ Roses, and Bryan Adams. Although these influences can all be felt in Shome’s music, there’s something certainly unique in the kind of songs he composes as well as in his songwriting. 

Before his latest single “Change,” Ronny Shome had delighted listeners with the singles “Breakthrough,” “Summer Dreams,” “Get Up,” “You’re The One,” and “Want You To Know.”