RL Grime And 070 Shake Rewrite Time Itself With ‘Pour Your Heart Out’

Entering his next grand chapter through sound, RL Grime has teamed up with superstar 070 Shake for one of his most euphoric tunes yet. ‘Pour Your Heart Out’ serenades your soul and immediately lifts you into the air. Having an out-of-body experience as this journey guides you through many emotions. After wiping his Instagram page clean, fans from all over knew he’d announce his next big move within time. And with this song replaying over and over again, you’ll be eager and dying to know what else he has in store for us. So release yourself as you embark on this gorgeous and emotional work of art.

‘Pour Your Heart’ contains everything you’ve ever loved about RL Grime and more. From a cinematic atmosphere, heart-wrenching drums, and a timeless vocal to tie it all together, it’s a true gift to all while paying homage to his past. He’s been working long and hard towards his goals, and this new single is an absolute hit from start to finish. Proving he’s just getting started once again toward a monumental chapter in his career. 070 Shake’s vocals intertwined perfectly with the vision of the track as a whole. Her lyrics combined with such crisp tones really added a whole layer to the adventure. Bringing it around full circle. The energy from her persona shines to the highest degree from beginning to end. Showcasing her power and raw talent. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Pour Your Heart’ everywhere via Sable Valley!