Rival Share Individual And Collective Experiences On Tempestuous Album Down The Rabbit Hole

Rival, the Montrealese hard-rock band, has just dropped their latest full album, Down The Rabbit Hole, a fantastic body of work home to 10 extremely loud tracks. The band’s members, Jeremy Helten, Matt Baker, Mike Chretien, and Corrado Johnson, display their acute skills as musicians and artists all throughout Down The Rabbit Hole, a record that shares with their rapidly expanding audience their collective and individual life experiences. Those interested in the events that occur in the daily life of a band will be delighted to hear these messages delivered over an impressive drums line, fiery vocals, distorted guitars and a groovy bass. 

“Basic Training” and the melodic “Never Been Sicker” are some of the most polished and fun tracks to listen to off the album, but overall, every single track well-deserves its place on this powerful tracklist.