LISTEN: FREAKY, VLCN & Sara Benyo Unite for "Falling To Pieces" – Run The Trap: The Best EDM, Hip Hop & Trap Music

Out now on Lowly Records, “Falling to Pieces” is a whimsical collaboration from FREAKY, VLCN, and Sara Benyo. A raw swell of emotion from the very start, this feelsy anthem rolls in with Sara Benyo’s vocals soaring over feather-light piano notes. A little over a minute in, “Falling To Pieces” descends into a syncopated splash of melodic bass and heartfelt synth work.

With all three artists previously having graced Subsidia with standout releases, this joint venture shows off their evident synergy with style. Serving as a quintessential cry-banger, “Falling To Pieces” tells an all-too relatable tale of losing trust in someone. “I think all of us can agree that at some point in our lives, we’ve been let down by someone we trusted,” FREAKY says regarding the track. He goes on to say “The feelings that come with that sort of letdown are often unforgettable. Although we are often told to be strong in those hard times, sometimes it feels like we’re falling to pieces.”

Check out “Falling To Pieces” below:

LISTEN: FREAKY, VLCN & Sara Benyo Unite for “Falling To Pieces”