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Ray Volpe has been taking the industry by storm for years now. The dynamic bass producer has flexed and mastered his craft by building a versatile discography, one that validates his status atop the dance music hierarchy. From promising up and comer to one of the more electrifying acts in electronic music, Ray has yet to find himself stepping off the gas pedal. Recently putting festival goers in a chokehold with “Laserbeam,” Volpe was able to gain global recognition for his talents once again. As he continues to excel in a spirited festival season post-pandemic, the eyes and ears at Austin’s ILLfest 2022 were all pointed towards the LA-based DJ/Producer. After crushing his set at ILLfest 2022 we were honored to have caught up with Ray Volpe to chat all things music. 

It has been a tough few years for everyone especially artists…are you enjoying being on tour again? 

“The last four headlining shows in Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, and LA have completely sold out! We’re really just wanting to carry that momentum forward into all the cool stuff we have planned for 2023. We’ve been loving this tour.”

In following your recent string of successful remixes, tell me about this new EP! When did production actually start on that? How long was the recording and mastering process from start to finish?

“I’ve been working on this for over two years. We wanted to continue that story from Rise of Volpetron and build the visuals and brand and the whole volpetron name with this EP.  With this next EP, the concept I really wanted and emphasize is that he wasn’t really from earth, then I ended up thinking what if I do Legend of the Volpetron. I think I’m going to make a full story about out of it.”

You tweeted Excision an unreleased copy of your new single “Laserbeam” and then he dropped it live on his tour—Has Excision always been an artist you looked up to? Any chance of a collab in the future with him or other artists? 

“That would be a huge dream for me, he’s always been a day one supporter. I love him so that would be awesome. As far as others…in Sept I have a collab coming out with Mitis, it’s heavy and Melodic Dubstep. Also, I won’t say when but one with Sullivan King is coming… it’s one that I’m really excited about.”

The song ‘Laserbeam’ became the “most played record” at EDC Las Vegas. How does that make you feel?! What are you looking forward to the most moving forward with your music? 

“I can’t even really say all the stuff we have going on next year, but I can  say that because of this track my dreams have been coming true every few days. That’s what I’m most excited about with my music, my dreams are coming true. We have been selling out every headlining tour date since this tour started. We’ve sold out Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and LA. But I am probably the most grateful and thankful for the growth, because the last time I was in Dallas there were 100 people there, but now we just did a sold out 1500 person show a few weeks ago in Dallas! It’s so crazy how that happens.” 

We see this happen with some artists—one song blows up unexpectedly and catapults their career to unexpected levels. How has it changed your life? 

“We have a lot of cool milestones and bucket list moments for my career that I’m finally going to be able to reach. I didn’t think it would happen to me. I’ve been preparing this entire time to slowly climb up that ladder steadily, to just be a name in the industry that’s working his way up. I was prepared to do that this whole time but you just can’t really prepare for that sort of thing to happen to you. When I made Laserbeam, we didn’t think it was a single, like I had no idea that this would be the one, and now we have a whole EP that just dropped “Legend of The VolpeTron”. Life is crazy.”

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Q&A With Ray Volpe: Laserbeam, Touring, and More